Rescued kitten still has to find new home

It wasn't quite a cat stuck up a tree, but it was pretty close.

Invercargill firefighters were called to rescue a kitten after it became stuck inside the wall of a Grasmere house yesterday afternoon.

A New Zealand Fire Service communications spokeswoman said firefighters had to cut the cat out of a space inside a wall of a Stobo St house about 3.30pm.

It was unharmed, she said.

However, the house guest came as a bit of a surprise for the occupant, Valerie Murdoch, who does not own a cat.

Murdoch said after hearing the kitten crying through the wall she consulted a neighbour, who called the fire brigade.

She believed the kitten was a stray, and she had no idea how it became stuck in her wall.

She has to find someone to fix her wall, which now had a hand-sized hole where a firefighter pulled the kitten out, she said.

The kitten seemed "good as gold" after the incident.

Despite buying a tin of cat food, Murdoch was adamant she would not be adopting it.

"I don't want a cat, full stop," she said.


The Southland Times