Occupants treated after escaping fire

Candles left to burn unattended are being blamed for a house fire in Invercargill while a lack of smoke alarms resulted in increased damage, fire authorities say.

Fire crews were called to Ness St just after 11.30pm on Friday and on arrival found the house well ablaze.

Senior station officer Colin Russell said one room was well involved in fire.

The occupants had escaped the house and were treated by the fire service and ambulance for minor smoke inhalation.

The fire was a result of unattended candles left burning in the lounge, he said.

The fire was quickly brought under control with 12 firefighters including six using breathing apparatus battling the blaze.

The damage caused was compounded by the fact the property did not have working smoke alarms, Mr Russell said.

"The premises did not have any working smoke alarms.

Working smoke alarms would have provided early warning to the occupants and restricted the damage to the house considerably," he said.


The Southland Times