Changing Times

21:26, Mar 30 2014
Garry Ferris
The Southland Times editor Garry Ferris.

From today, you might start noticing a few changes to your Southland Times as we look to give you a better read over breakfast.

Did you spot the top of the front page has had a lick of paint (our designers prefer me to say revamp)? Turn back a page and see what you think.

I live in a world of letters and type and, to me, the polished masthead and new surrounds - we call them "pointers" - look like sunshine on a cloudy day. We couldn't stop ourselves from adding a splash of maroon in there, too.

Pointers on page 1 are our shop window - showcasing the best we offer to get you picking up the newspaper and turning inside. Sort of like those mannequins department stores use - except ours are always fully clothed.

Expect all sorts of tasty morsels to tempt you at the top of the front page - local news, the latest updates from the farm, strong opinion, one-eyed sports coverage and laps of horse racing.

During the coming weeks and months we will be tweaking your daily read - but keeping the best elements of them. Feel free to email in and tell me your favourite parts of the paper - yep, even the stuff you could take or leave. You can get me at


One of The Southland Times' big strengths in the newspaper and online is our reach as the southernmost part of the Fairfax Media group that stretches throughout the country.

We truly are the sum of our parts - and we get to share the best inside knowledge from around New Zealand as it happens.

To stop our newspaper from confusing readers story to story, we need to be consistent with the way we write stories. And so from today all Fairfax New Zealand newspapers and websites have agreed to drop honorifics in stories. So after introducing John Smith in a story, he simply becomes Smith (not Mr Smith).

We do it already on many of our pages, such as in the business and sport sections, so all we are doing is singing from the same songsheet across the newspaper and on our and websites.

That's enough from me. Turn the page and finish the porridge - it's back to the office again.

Thanks for reading us.

Garry Ferris



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