Arrests made as rowdy revellers in Queenstown target bouncers

16:00, Mar 31 2014

Bouncers bore the brunt of rowdy revellers in Queenstown at the weekend, police said yesterday.

Sergeant Steve Watt, of Queenstown, said two drunk men, aged 26 and 27, were in Searle Ln at 11pm on Friday. When a bouncer refused to let them in, the older man told his mate to "Just smash him".

Both men were charged with disorderly behaviour.

On Saturday at 12.30am, a 33-year-old man was ejected from a bar in The Mall but outside he allegedly punched a bouncer. The man was arrested and charged with assault.

At 2.30am on Sunday, a 36- year-old Brazilian man was refused entry to a Searle Ln bar but tried to sneak in later with a crowd. He was spotted and escorted outside by a bouncer but on the way out the man kicked out and allegedly punched the doorman in the face. He was charged with assault.

Ten minutes later a couple were ejected from a bar in The Mall and as they were escorted out the man tried to throw punches at a bouncer, lightly connecting with the doorman.

They were released after being given pre-charge warnings.

A British couple was arrested and charged with trespass after clambering on a vessel moored in Queenstown Bay.

They were spotted aboard the Million Dollar Cruise boat on its outer deck in the early hours of Saturday.


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