Fire-damaged house did have working alarms

16:00, Mar 31 2014

A house badly damaged by fire in Invercargill on Friday night did have working smoke alarms, despite fire authorities saying otherwise.

On Saturday, the Fire Service issued a statement saying the fire-damaged Ness St house did not have working smoke alarms. "Working smoke alarms would have provided early warning to the occupants and restricted the damage to the house considerably," it said.

However, Fire Service Southland area commander Bruce Stubbs said yesterday the Fire Service had got it wrong. "After further investigations and talking with the people in the house, we can confirm the smoke alarms were working and in fact did their job," he said.

In a Facebook post, Liv McBride, who was in the house, said both alarms in the house had gone off and they had saved lives.

"I really mean it - smoke alarms save lives. Glenn [McBride's husband] was in there the longest and he said it was like breathing plastic. Smoke kills before fire - test your alarms," her Facebook post says.

The fire started after candles were left burning unattended, the Fire Service said.


The Southland Times