Odour true to smell

01:22, Apr 01 2014

Environment Southland has confirmed a "fishy" smell which caused distress and dry-retching in Bluff at the weekend was fish.

Environment Southland senior technical officer Graeme McKenzie said the odour was caused by a fish byproduct being applied to land, outside Bluff.

The offending aroma wafted from private land about 5km from Bluff on Saturday, ensnaring the senses of the local population.

Environment Southland was still investigating the incident and could not yet determine whether the person responsible would face action, such as education or an enforcement notice, McKenzie said.

Environment Southland had the power to modify industry activity if it were causing an offensive stench, depending on the source of the smell.

McKenzie said the council's pollution hotline received seven complaints on Saturday and a further two on Sunday regarding the stench, which was described as smelling like cat pee, animal manure and burning rubbish, among other things.

It was very uncommon to receive such a high number of calls, he said. 



The Southland Times