Mayor Tim Shadbolt searching for new PA

23:46, Mar 31 2014

Many would prefer to join the Russian front than be his personal assistant, according to Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt, but yet again the role is advertised.

The Invercargill City Council is advertising the role of executive administrator and project co-ordinator for the mayor's office, after his previous personal assistant Marie Auckram resigned in January, effective immediately, after being "on leave".

Shadbolt said he was running out of options for personal assistants in Invercargill because "half of Invercargill are ex-personal assistants".

When the role was advertised in the past there had been more than 60 applicants, but he did not believe there would be the same number this time around, he said.

"When they get the opportunity of being my personal assistant they say 'serving on the Russian front would be better'."

People thought the job would be fun and exciting, but it was not, he said.


"It's boring, mundane and tedious."

The description for the advertisement says the person should be able to "impress with your professionalism, resilience and energetic approach". 


The Southland Times