Australian visitor collecting southern ideas

22:14, Apr 02 2014
Southland Times photo
Tamworth Regional Council cultural development officer Petria Jukes and Eastern Southland Gallery district curator Jim Geddes at the gallery in Gore.

Arriving in Gore was a whole new experience for Tamworth Regional Council cultural development officer Petria Jukes, but it is something she aims to learn a lot from.

Jukes arrived in Gore on Tuesday and has been sent over to gain some insight into how the district's museums and galleries are run, as she hopes to take back as much information as possible.

In Tamworth Jukes' role is vast, including the oversight of museums, working closely with the council's youth services team and working with the multi-cultural community.

She had been sent over by former Southland resident Jackie Kruger to see what ways of running cultural aspects in Gore could be translated to areas in Tamworth.

"Our next big project is museums. It is . . . part of our cultural plan 2010-2015," she said.

One of the main ideas Jukes was interested in looking into was the co-ordination of volunteer-run museums.


"I'm really interested in the broad sense to look at how the three councils co-ordinate the running of their museums," she said.

This was also her first time in New Zealand so she was excited about the whole experience.

Jukes would be spending three days in Gore and one with Venture Southland in Invercargill.


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