Rule will 'disable' communities

22:55, Apr 02 2014

A southern leader says proposed building seperation rules in the Southland District Council's district plan will disable communities.

Orepuki Community Development chairman Brian McGrath, speaking at the council's resource management committee, said: ''There are rules and objectives in this proposed plan that will disable our communities." 

McGrath referred to a rule in the proposed plan that says landowners cannot put up a building within 150 metres of another in a rural zone, with the exception of dwellings on the same property.

"This effects hundreds of existing certificate of title owners," he said.

McGrath called for the council to remove the rule for existing sections, but to leave it in place for any new land use, subdivision or development.

"Some people have owned these sections for years with dreams of building their home on them, this separation rule will take that away," he said.


He asked for an ammendment to a rule which says that a building on land that is within a Visual Amenity Landscape zone must be set back 20m from the roadside.

The set back would make it impossible for owners of properties with roads on two sides of their land to build on their property, McGrath said.

He proposed the rule be changed to exclude those properties.

The hearing continues with representatives from the Winton Community Board, Federated Farmers and Environment Southland expected to speak to their submissions today.


The Southland Times