Couple get married, groom plays football then wife has contractions

17:00, Apr 06 2014
HAPPY TIMES: Mikyla Reece and Rio Okuyama get married by celebrant Lynley McKerrow at the Queens Park Football Club clubrooms on Saturday morning.

When Mikyla Reece and Rio Okuyama discussed the prospect of getting married exactly two years since the start of their relationship, Okuyama pointed out a small problem.

It was the solution to that problem which might have Mikyla in the running for Southland's most understanding wife.

On top of Okuyama's passion for his new wife is a passion for the sport of football.

"We wanted to get married on the weekend of our two anniversary of being together and it happened to be on game day," she said.

"I mentioned that was the date I wanted and he said ‘um, we've got a game that day'. I know he loves his football and to be honest the [Queens Park] club is a huge part of our life so I said that's fine we'll work around it."

Work around it they certainly did. At 11am on Saturday, the couple got married at the Queens Park clubrooms in front of about 45 guests including Okuyama's parents, sister and nana, who had all travelled from Japan for the wedding.


Shortly after the ceremony, Okuyama and the groomsmen, who were his coach and fellow Queens Park players - got out of their wedding entire and into the yellow and blue strip of Queens Park to take on Waihopai in the Donald Gray Cup fixture, which started at 2.45pm.

"It was pretty busy day," Okuyama said, stating the obvious.

A week earlier, he broke his wrist but even that didn't provide an excuse to take the weekend off for the wedding; he played with his arm in plaster on Saturday.

Shortly after the game, which they won 2-0, they returned to the Queens Park clubrooms to continue the wedding celebrations but, to add to the dramatic day in between times, Mikyla, who is 36 weeks' pregnant, had made an unexpected trip to Southland Hospital. "Everything is fine I just had some contractions but it turned out not to be labour."

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