Royals land in Wellington

04:13, Apr 07 2014
There were more people there than this, we promise. Royal fans take shelter at Wellington Airport.
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The low fog caused havoc this morning but the royal couple and Prince George managed to land just after midday.
Prince George has his eyes on the steps as his parents prepare their game faces.
Prince George appears to have seen enough of his dad on the flight over.
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A group of Wellington fans help Woman's Day get their marketing pitch across.
It's cold and damp in Wellington. Does Prince George need a hat too?
Prince George and Prince William have very similar hair, don't they?
Wellington man Pat Kronfeld had been walking dog Indy when he noticed the commotion. "We just happened to walk past," he said, holding Indy up for a better view.
Prince George cuts a jaunty figure with his upturned collars and perfectly formed cheeks.
Did the Prime Minister John Key just say: Welcome to the republic of NZ?
The plane carrying the royal family matches the conditions. We would have liked a little more colour - just a dash.
Kate Middleton receives welcome
Maintaining eye contact is always important.
Riders in the storm. Police guide the royal entourage around Oriental Parade to Government House.
They're not traveling light. NZ Air Force staff and members of the royal couple's entourage see to the luggage.
Hair, hair. Amanda Cook Tucker (R), hairdresser of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, walks from a plane after arriving in Wellington.
Katie Subritzky, practising her curtsey for the Royals visit to Wellington.
Jawlines to the front and work it, family, work it.
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is all smiles.
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is all smiles.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gets up close and personal.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gets up close and personal.
Meeting the kids
Prince William looks a little worried, but Muritai school students, from left, Milly Griffiths, 12, Charlotte Barclay, 12, and Sally Bird, 12, are all barely contained excitement.
What Kate's Wearing
Wellington wind + hair issues + holding a baby + coming down steep stairs is a very tricky equation, and the Duchess was bound to have a 'Marilyn moment' (don't worry Kate, all Wellington ladies have been there, and you dealt with it like the poised pro you are).

The royals have landed in Wellington, defying low cloud that has caused flight disruptions.

Live blog: Royal tour updates as they happen

Prince William, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their baby Prince George arrived at Wellington Airport shortly after midday.

A small group of people watched through a fence as misty rain swirled around the airport.

Earlier, there was some suggestion the flight could be diverted. It was understood the most likely secondary option would have been Ohakea airbase in the Manawatu.


Keen royal fans were not deterred by the weather.

At Wellington Airport the topics of conversation included whether the royals would be able to land, would they be visible from behind the cordon, and if so - what would Kate be wearing?

Wellington man Les Crozier said it brought back memories of the royal tour in the 1960s.

"I was five when the Queen came, I remember there being a crowd about 10-deep at Lambton Quay and they all gave us little flags," he said.

"I think these guys are more relevant than the Queen."

Cora Laureano, originally from the Philippines, said her last royal encounter was seeing Prince Charles in Manila.

She had not been interested in Charles and Camilla's last New Zealand jaunt, however.

"I don't like Camilla so I didn't bother."

Ella Porter of Lower Hutt came to town with a poster bearing the words, "Kia ora royals".

"I'd have come here in any weather to  see them."