Backpacker who attacked woman 'self-centred'

21:46, Apr 07 2014

A British backpacker who assaulted a female duty manager outside a bar in Queenstown was self-centred and lacked empathy, a judge said.

Harry James Hodson, 19, of Chelmsford, England, was ordered to pay $600 for assaulting a woman outside Buffalo bar on March 14.

He applied for a discharge without conviction but this was denied by the judge, who said the manager suffered bruising and scratches after Hodson grabbed her around the neck.

He was repeatedly asked to leave the bar.

"Ultimately, the duty manager requested that you leave. Your response was to attack her and you went for her neck with both of your hands grabbing her around the throat."

When police arrived, Hodson refused to co-operate and was eventually taken to the ground and handcuffed.


In her victim impact statement, the woman said it was "worst thing she had to deal with" in six years as a duty manager.

The judge said Hodson showed no empathy for the victim.

"You are self-centred and focused only on the consequences to you.

"This was an unprovoked attack."

Hodson's statement said he would be devastated if the incident tarnished the rest of his life, including travel plans in Southeast Asia.


The Southland Times