Couple milk house colour scheme

17:00, Apr 18 2014
Fonterra home Orepuki
IT'S A MATCH: A Fonterra tanker driver does a double take at the newly painted house located on the main street of Orepuki. 

An Orepuki house is catching the attention of locals and tourists alike.

The house has been painted in Fonterra colours - it sports a green fence, white walls, blue roof and green chimney.

The colours match the Fonterra scheme almost exactly.

The unusual colour scheme arose after resident Daryl Bevin met three German travellers - Maria and Karolina Maiers and Lena Lechner, who had asked if there was any work going in the area.

The trio agreed to paint his house in return for pocket money, accommodation and meals.

The colour scheme was not intended to match Fonterra's - originally it was simply a combination of colours he had liked, Bevin said.


"We settled on blue, white and green, my favourite colour being blue and coincidently the colours were the same as Fonterra's."

The paint job took four weeks and was a group effort with plenty of helpful tips from passersby interested in the progress.

A Fonterra spokeswoman said the company was delighted with the paint job. "Its all a bit of fun and great to see a community experiencing the growth that Orepuki is enjoying.

"It's another example of the locals supporting each other and the input that dairying has on a community," she said.

Orepuki Tavern owner Alastair McCracken said Orepuki was continuing to grow and the house colours had brightened the main street.

"The whole of Orepuki is undergoing a major transformation with new houses being built and renovated and the opening of the Orepuki Beach Cafe - it's great to see the place going ahead," McCracken said.