Duo turn melodies into 'soundscapes' for festival

22:21, Apr 21 2014
Richard Adams
Musicians Richard Adams and Nigel Gavin are returning to the Arrowtown Autumn Festival.

Violinist Richard Adams and guitarist Nigel Gavin are returning by popular demand to the Arrowtown Autumn Festival with their own style of experimental, modern jazz.

Adams, a member of the Nairobi Trio, said the men were great friends who decided in 2009 to pull together a project, resulting in the production of an album - Recent Works.

He said their music was original, contemporary jazz using simple melodies and turning them into "sound-scapes", sometimes 15 minutes long.

They work from a jazz base and take some risks.

"We love doing it. We might play a well-known standard but people won't hear it."

Festival-goers would also have the opportunity to learn some more about their crafts.


While in Arrowtown, Adams, also an artist, will be presenting a workshop entitled Working on paper in abstraction as well as painting a large canvas in Buckingham Green, which will be auctioned for charity.

Gavin would be presenting a guitar workshop.

"He's a very good guitarist," Adams said.

"He was born in New York and he's one of this country's best musicians. He's a guitar guru and one of my best friends."

Nigel's guitar clinic would focus on improvisation.

"He's talking about how to free your mind up. It's all about the imagination.

"The melodies are very simple. They're nursery rhymes really. It's what you do with them.

"That's something we do as a duet all the time. We're getting better at it," he said with a laugh.

Any guitarist with some ability would be able to participate.

The pair were delighted to be invited back to Arrowtown.

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