Kittens overrun SPCA as owners ignore desexing

21:20, Apr 22 2014
Southland SPCA
FURRY FRIENDS: Southland SPCA operations manager Richard Hay gets up close to some of the shelter’s fluffy new tenants. 

They may be cute and fluffy, but they are also unwanted and hungry.

The Southland SPCA has been inundated with kittens, despite kitten season being almost over.

The shelter presently has nearly 140 kittens - 12 were dropped off yesterday.

Shelter staff said it was the same story, different year, but the message was not getting through to cat owners to desex their pets.

Southland SPCA operations manager Richard Hay said the organisation had been flooded with the little balls of fluff, despite expecting kitten season to be nearly finished.

The SPCA had been trying hard to promote the desexing of pets, but it was disheartening to see people choosing to ignore it, he said.


This week he dealt with someone who dropped off several kittens and when asked whether they would get their cat desexed, they refused.

While the SPCA encouraged people to drop their unwanted felines at the shelter, it was frustrating when people were letting their cats breed year after year and discarding the kittens.

The SPCA was in desperate need of kitten food, to feed the hungry mouths, he said.

They were also in need of some surrogate mothers.

Foster homes were needed for the dozens of kittens, until they were old enough and big enough to be permanently rehomed, he said.


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