Governance workshops to help groups

17:00, Apr 23 2014

Venture Southland and Southland Community Law Centre will hold a series of free good-governance workshops to help community organisations understand the rules and regulations of their group or club.

Venture Southland community development team leader Bobbi Brown said the workshops, held between May and July, were tailor-made for the organisations.

The goals of a group could change over time, so it was important the rules reflected and represented its current objectives and projects, especially if a group was seeking community grant funding, she said.

A legal expert will attend the workshops to help groups understand things such as trust deeds or a constitution and there would also be helpful hints and tools on how to get the most out of meetings and volunteers.

Matters such as what to do with assets when a group was wound up would also be covered.

"It's a chance to check if your membership rules still fit your group, if your rules state that you have to have your financial accounts audited or reviewed or even what happens if your group winds up one day," she said.


The Southland Times