Council to act on woman's 37 cats

17:00, Apr 24 2014

The Invercargill City Council plans to launch legal action on Monday against a woman with more than three dozen cats.

Council environmental health manager John Youngson said after weeks of preparation and liaising with lawyers, the action would be lodged next week and "hopefully" resolved within a month.

The council had being trying to work with the family of the woman, but her 37 cats were still locked inside, he said.

The family of the woman were having one last attempt at convincing her to surrender some of the cats this weekend, but Youngson said while he was hopeful it would work, he was not optimistic.

The council would be looking to have the cats removed and a penalty or fine given to the woman, but the focus was reducing the cats, he said.

Meanwhile, councillor Ian Pottinger met neighbours of the woman a fortnight ago to get "a feel" for the situation.

He said he was shocked by what he saw. "It's like an infestation or a plague. It's just not normal."

Pottinger said he had spoken to the neighbours who had spent years trying to resolve the issue.

"A ratepayer shouldn't have to put up with anything that is going to be a nuisance, whether it be noise or a cat infestation."


The Southland Times