Stadium trust fails to submit accounts

23:40, Apr 24 2014

The Department of Internal Affairs is liaising with the Southland Outdoor Stadium Trust after it failed to provide accounts to the Charities Commission.

The stadium trust, which is at the centre of the Rugby Park debacle, has failed to submit accounts to the commission for the year ending October 2012.

The trust is plagued by $1.5 million of debt, half of which is owed to the Community Trust of Southland, and is in the midst of discussions about transferring ownership of the stadium to the city council.

The Department of Internal Affairs communications spokeswoman Jo Watt said the department had been in contact with the stadium trust, but would not comment on time frames or expected outcomes from the discussions being held for the overdue accounts.

Previously Watt said the group had an obligation to file the returns.

"All registered entities have an obligation to file an annual return . . . Legally we can remove entities who do not file an annual return from the register but we prefer to work with them to encourage compliance."


Stadium trust chairman Ian Tulloch said earlier this month that the groups would meet again at the end of April after discussing a proposed bailout plan with their boards and the city's elected representatives.

Tulloch said yesterday that meeting was yet to be scheduled, but he hoped it would happen in the next couple of weeks.

"At this point I have been waiting for confirmation from all the parties that there is a degree of agreement."

He was unaware of any contact from the Department of Internal Affairs with the trust, but said they may have been liaising with the trust secretary.

An audit last year had delayed the accounts, he said.

"That report is still to be considered; we have had an initial look at it."


The Southland Times