Man charged with assaulting police

A 72-year-old Wanaka man was remanded in custody pending mental health reports on charges of assaulting police and threatening to kill an officer's daughters.

Peter John Barratt appeared before Judge Christina Cook in the Queenstown District Court charged with assaulting a police officer with intent to obstruct, threatening to kill a senior constable and his daughters, threatening to kill a constable, resisting a constable and driving with a breath alcohol level of 751mcg on April 10, having been convicted at least twice previously, all near Makarora.

No pleas were entered.

Lawyer Nic Soper said he was unable to take coherent instructions from his client and asked for a hearing under the Criminal Procedure (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to proceed.

"The court needs to be satisfied in his participation or the sufficiency of evidence of his involvement in the charges."

If the court was satisfied then other forensic mental health reports will be sought.

The judge remanded Barratt in custody to the Invercargill District Court on May 9 and ordered an assessment by a forensic nurse.


The Southland Times