Drunk man attacked three

A Southland man slammed a woman's head on to the road and threatened to kill a man's family.

Patrick Noel Dawson, 22, dairy farm worker, appeared before Judge Michael Turner in the Invercargill District Court yesterday and admitted a raft of violence and driving charges.

They were intentionally damaging two cars and a golf club, two of assault, assault with intent to injure, injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, threatening to kill a person's family, unlawfully taking a vehicle, driving with a breath alcohol level of 959mcg and with a sustained loss of traction.

He was given a warning under the three-strikes law and remanded in custody to August 8 for sentence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford said while Dawson was drinking with two men and a woman he punched all three before going outside and attacking two of the victim's cars with a golf club.

He chased the three victims around the yard and threatened to kill one of their families, she said.

He grabbed the woman's hair and slammed her head on to the road several times and police were called, Stratford said.

Dawson walked back to the house, got into one of the victim's cars, and drove up and down the road looking for them while driving erratically and doing burnouts, she said.

The victims suffered bruising, swelling, cuts and soreness, Stratford said.

When spoken to by police he said he had been drinking all day and could not remember the events of the previous night. But, if the victims said it happened then it did, she said.

He told police he lost his memory when he consumed alcohol and was struggling because he was coming off previously legal synthetic cannabis, Stratford said.

Cannabis Stephen Wayne Dunn, 22, was sentenced to 40 hours' community work for possessing cannabis on May 24. Unlawfully getting into a vehicle Scott Malcolm Crawley, 19, was sentenced to 60 hours' community work for unlawfully getting into a vehicle at Riverton on June 8.

Driving Stephen Bruce Cunninghame, 64, was disqualified from driving for six months and an order was made for the confiscation of his vehicle for driving while disqualified on June 9.

Bonnie Ilea Fleury, 28, was sentenced to 80 hours' community work for driving while disqualified on March 27.

Drink-driving Garey Charles Cockerill, 43, farmer, of Lochiel, was sentenced to 300 hours' community work, fined $650 and disqualified for one year and one month for driving with a breath alcohol level of 656mcg on May 30.

Robert Nicholas Andrews, 35, of Gowan Hill, 819mcg on April 5. Fined $750.

Rodger Neil Ward, 23, 709mcg on March 30. Sentenced to three months' community detention, nine months supervision, disqualified indefinitely and authorised to apply for a three-year zero alcohol licence.

Tara Jane Blyth, 29, was fined $650 and disqualified for six months for driving with a blood alcohol level of 130mg at Wyndham on May 11.

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