Sentence 'to keep teen away from criminals'

17:00, Jul 01 2014

A district court judge shied away from sentencing a teenager to community work to prevent him from being exposed to hardened criminals.

Tekake William, 19, who appeared before Judge Robert Murfitt in Invercargill District Court, was sentenced to four months' community detention, nine months' supervision and ordered to pay $585 reparation for escaping custody, unlawfully interfering with a car, unlawfully getting into a car and reckless driving in Auckland last year.

The court was told that William got into a car that had been stolen in Mt Eden and an associate drove them to another area of Auckland.

William was sitting in the car while his associate tried to break into another vehicle.

Police came by and William hot-wired the car he was sitting in to escape police and drove off.

The judge said that in the past 10 months William had not reoffended, had shifted from Auckland to Invercargill and had been curtailed by bail conditions during that period.


He had considered imposing a term of community work but said that could expose William to hardened criminals, while community detention would keep him at home and away from possible temptation.


Cherrie Charlotte Waihape was remanded to August 26 for sentence for assault with intent to injure and threatening to kill on June 5.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kathy Pomfrett said Waihape and the victim, her 24-year-old daughter, got into a verbal fight which escalated when Waihape tried to push her daughter out the bedroom window.

Shaun William Quantock, 19, farm manager, of The Key, was sentenced to 40 hours' community work, six months' supervision and fined $300 for assault on June 26 at Te Anau, and operating a vehicle carelessly in Invercargill on June 25.


Daniel John Eden, 38, fisherman, of Bluff, was remanded to August 22 for sentence for breaching bail on June 17, excess breath alcohol level of 746mcg, driving while disqualified and possession of cannabis.


Jarvis Roger Cook, 31, dairy worker, of Otautau, was sentenced to 18 months' jail and ordered to pay $635 reparation for burglary between April 1 and 3, disqualified from driving for six months for driving while disqualified on May 18, and convicted and discharged for possession of cannabis and a pipe on April 4.


Ricky Mason, was sentenced to six months' home detention and disqualified from driving for one year and one day for driving while disqualified.

Mark Anthony Grieve, 23, freezing worker, was sentenced to 240 hours' community work, nine months' supervision, disqualified for 13 months and ordered to undergo any counselling as directed for driving while disqualified on March 23.

Cameron Bruce Clark, 20, was sentenced to 140 hours' community work, disqualified for six months and fined $500 for three charges of dangerous driving causing injury on October 10 last year, driving while forbidden on October 10 last year and April 10.


Matthew Shaun Burgess, 33, carpet layer, was remanded to August 29 for sentence for cultivation and possession of cannabis on June 3.

Jason Thompson was remanded to August 26 for sentence for breaches under the Fisheries Act 1996 between March 22 and July 17 last year.

The summary of facts said Thompson used social media and texting to arrange the sale of rock lobster and groper.

When interviewed by fisheries officers in November last year he admitted that the fish he had been attempting to sell was obtained as a recreational fisherman and that he was aware he could not sell fish sourced in this manner.

Steven Darrell Cossill, 22, fisherman, was fined $250 for possession of a pipe and $200 for possession of cannabis on June 22.

Pecuniary advantage

Kyle Ricky Eastham, 22, dairy farmer, of Ohai, was sentenced to 200 hours' community work and ordered to pay $606.39 reparation for theft of a BNZ bank card worth $30 on August 1, and 14 charges of using the card for pecuniary advantage between August 1 and 8. The court was told Eastham used the card to buy food and fuel.


Christopher Nolan Barrett, 33, machine operator, was fined $350 for obstructing police on May 4 at the Colac Bay tavern.


Charlotte Rose Hetaraka, 23, was remanded to August 1 for sentence for receiving a radio scanner on November 4.

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