Drug import 'middle man' sentenced

A 26-year-old Southland man has been sentenced for his part as a "middle man" in a drug importation scheme, the Invercargill District Court has been told.

Travis James Miers, of Kapuka South, appeared before Judge Josephine Bouchier yesterday for sentence on three charges of importing drugs, class C phencyclidine (PCP) and buphedrone, into New Zealand between November 1 and March 4.

He was sentenced to seven months' home detention.

The court was told Miers was involved in a scheme in which drugs were imported from China and sent to his address, from where he then sent them on to another person.

Miers' lawyer, Scott Williamson, said his client, who was the "middle man", had been co-operative with police.


Terri-Anne Nicol, 20, was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and ordered to pay reparation after she admitted a joint charge of burglary on April 12. The court was told Nicol thought another person had arranged accommodation for them for the night but she was then advised they could not stay. They went into another house they did not have permission to be in.


Simon Daniel Maere, 32, of Tuatapere, was sentenced to 150 hours' community work and ordered to pay $726 reparation for stealing a cellphone sim card, obtaining possession of a benefit, namely phone calls, text messages and data downloads valued at $712.11, by deception, and possessing a rifle without a licence between January 15 and May 5.


Michael Charles Kahukura, 26, labourer, of Omakau, was remanded on bail to September 12 for sentence for driving dangerously, while disqualified and with a breath alcohol level of 558mcg causing injury, failing to stop for police and refusing to permit a blood specimen to be taken on April 6.

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