Jail for breaching conditions of detention

A man sentenced to six months' home detention after an aggravated drink-driving incident has been sent to jail for four months for breaching his detention conditions.

David Shaun Parker, 19, of Bluff, admitted breaching the conditions on April 7 and May 2 in the Invercargill District Court today.

On March 28, he had been convicted of driving with a breath alcohol level of 852mcg, reckless driving and driving while disqualified on December 26 last year.

Judge Kevin Phillips said Parker was given a final warning following a breach on April 6 that breaching again would result in jail but it had had no significance at all for him.

He breached again the next day and by May 2, Judge Phillips said, Parker had cut his electronic monitoring bracelet off.

"You must have known what the consequences were,'' Judge Phillips said.

He resentenced Parker to three months' jail for the driving offences and one month to be served culmulatively for the breach of home detention.

The Southland Times