Fisherman drank on job, hit woman

19:41, Jun 25 2012

A judge queried what a commercial fisherman was doing drinking on the job before saying, "no wonder there are tragedies at sea".

Manuel Karetai Robertson, fisherman, of Bluff, appeared before Judge Michael Turner in Invercargill District Court last week and was sentenced to 150 hours' community work and nine months' supervision, and ordered to pay $1000 emotional harm reparation for assaulting a female while fishing in Foveaux Strait on May 26.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rob Mills said Robertson and his partner, a deckhand, got into an altercation when she said she did not want to fish any more. Robertson, who had been drinking, struck her on the head with a tobacco pouch before pushing her. She then used a cellphone to call police. Two rescue vessels were dispatched and shadowed the boat back to shore at Bluff, where Robertson was arrested.

Lawyer Richard Smith said Robertson worked long hours in a stressful job, and acknowledged he had behaved inappropriately, and had also made a donation of $500 to the Riverton Coastguard after the incident.

Judge Turner said the victim impact statement said Robertson's behaviour at the time of the incident was violent and abusive. "You have an alcohol issue, you have an anger issue. Why you thought it was appropriate to drink on the job, I've got no idea," he said.

Intent to injure
Christopher Thomas Johnstone, 28, farmhand, was jailed for 16 months for intending to injure on November 19, resisting arrest, escaping police custody, assaulting a female on January 22, and assault on March 29.


Intent to intimidate
Steven Barry Wharf, 28, farm worker, was sentenced to 120 hours' community work, nine months' supervision and ordered to attend a stopping violence and drug and alcohol programme as required by the probation service for intent to intimidate, when he broke into a house on May 31. He was remanded on bail to August 8 when he admitted intentionally damaging a window, resisting and assaulting a police officer on May 31. He pleaded not guilty to intent to injure and intentionally damaging a vacuum cleaner on April 11, and was remanded to August 8 for a status hearing.

Assaulting a female
Jason David Mann, 29, was remanded to June 22 for sentence for assaulting a female, wilful damage, assault with a weapon and breaching supervision conditions.

Malcolm James Drummond, 43, farm worker, of Mossburn, was sentenced to nine months' supervision, fined $400 and disqualified from driving for six months for assaulting a female and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both on June 17.

Possessing weapon
Peter Hugh Tippett, 52, storeperson, of Riverton, was sentenced to 200 hours' community work, 12 months' intensive supervision, disqualified from driving for six months, and ordered to pay $500 emotional harm reparation when he appeared for sentence for possessing a weapon, assault, misusing a telephone and driving with a breath alcohol level of 508mcg on April 15.

Brendon Robert Hunter, 19, was fined $150 for breaching a public liquor ban and sentenced to 80 hours' community work for possessing cannabis and utensils on May 30.

Intentional damage
Joshua John Sedon, 24, was remanded to July 31 for sentence for intentionally damaging a window on June 12.

Lennon Donald Auckram, 24, was remanded to July 6 for sentence for breaching prison release conditions.

Raymond Harani Crown, 43, labourer, was ordered to pay $500 emotional harm reparation and ordered to appear for sentence if called upon within 12 months for breaching a protection order, by sending 18 text messages, on June 10.

James Stratton Thompson, 23, fisherman, of Bluff, was remanded to reappear on August 17 for breaching community work on April 12.

Steven Luke Braithwaite, 30, of Riverton, was convicted and discharged for breaching community work on February 20.

Rishel Abhilash Patel, 26, student, was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for six months for driving while disqualified on June 16.

Daniel Paul Nutsford, 24, builder's apprentice, was fined $1000 and disqualified for nine months for driving with a blood alcohol level of 233mg on May 18.

Hone Temoana Papanui Hokianga, 23, shearer, of Ohai, was fined $550 and disqualified for six months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 558mcg at Invercargill on June 6.

Matthew Tira Kereama, 19, unemployed, 397mcg on May 27. Sentenced to 100 hours' community work and disqualified for six months.

Bobby-Jo Rebecca McIntyre, 19, of Waimatuku, 627mcg on June 16. Fined $450 and disqualified for six months.

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