P-making gear was friend's, court told

A man facing methamphetamine charges yesterday told a jury the P cooking materials and equipment found at his house were brought there by a friend the day before they were discovered by police.

Shane Deane Adams, 38, faces seven charges, including manufacturing P, possessing chemicals capable of being used to manufacture P, possessing a precursor substance knowing it was to be used in the making of P and possessing equipment capable of being used to manufacture P.

His jury trial started in Invercargill District Court on Monday.

The alleged lab was found during an Armed Offenders Squad-led raid on Adams' Taramoa house on April 15 last year.

The Crown alleges another man charged after the raid, Michael Lindsay Grant, who died shortly afterwards in prison, was the cook and Adams his assistant.

Adams' lawyer Roger Eagles said his client had no knowledge of meth production and there was no P on the property until Grant had visited on April 14 last year.

Adams told the jury yesterday he had gone to an Invercargill hardware store on April 14 to price fencing materials and tools.

In the car park, by chance, he had met Grant, and the pair had gone inside together, Adams said.

CCTV footage presented by the prosecution showed Grant buying solvent and caustic soda, both of which are used in making P, during the pair's time in the store, but Adams said he knew nothing of Grant's purchases.

Adams said he then invited Grant back to his house in Taramoa where he showed him his cannabis-growing operation in his garage.

Grant had some bags and containers with him, but he did not ask what was in them, Adams said.

Around 1am, he and his girlfriend went to bed and left Grant alone, he said.

In the morning, police arrived and discovered the alleged P-lab in the garage.

Adams said all the P materials must have belonged to Grant and been brought there by him. He had known nothing about them, he said.

Adams will be cross-examined by Crown prosecutor Sarah McKenzie today.

The Southland Times