Accused did not know of drug lab, jury told

A witness told an Invercargill jury yesterday that a man facing methamphetamine charges was not involved in its manufacture.

Shane Deane Adams, 38, faces seven charges, including making P, possessing chemicals capable of being used to manufacture the drug, possessing a precursor substance knowing it was to be used in the making of P, and possessing equipment capable of being used to make the drug.

Adams has pleaded not guilty to all charges and his trial started in Invercargill District Court on Monday. The court heard that a clandestine lab was found in Adams' garage in April last year and two men, including Adams, were found at the house and later charged. The other man, Michael Lindsay Grant, died shortly afterwards in prison.

Mark Drake yesterday told the jury he was in prison at the same time as Grant.

He said Grant told him he was at Adams' house and, while Adams and his girlfriend were in bed, Grant had gone to the garage and manufactured a small amount of P for his own personal use.

After the arrests Grant had felt guilty, Mr Drake said.

"He was the one who had stuffed up big time . . . it's nothing to do with him [Adams]."

Crown lawyer Sarah McKenzie asked Mr Drake if Grant had admitted the offending where others could have heard him. Mr Drake said yes, and Ms McKenzie replied: "It's pretty extraordinary he would be going around the prison saying it was him when others would hear him."

Adams also gave evidence yesterday and told the jury he knew nothing about the P materials or the manufacture of the drug.

Ms McKenzie put it to him he had met with Grant and both had a plan to make P. "Absolutely not," Adams said.

The trial is expected to finish today.

The Southland Times