P accused found not guilty

22:56, Nov 01 2012

A man accused of seven methamphetamine-related charges has been found not guilty by an Invercargill jury.

Shane Deane Adams, 38, faced seven charges, including making pure methamphetamine, also known as P, possessing chemicals capable of being used to manufacture the drug, possessing a precursor substance knowing it was to be used in the making of P, and possessing equipment capable of being used to make the drug.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and his trial started in Invercargill District Court on Monday.

The jury was told a clandestine lab was found in Adams' garage in April last year and two men, including Adams, were found at the house and later charged. The other man, Michael Lindsay Grant, died shortly afterwards in jail.

The jury, after deliberating most of the afternoon and into the evening, found him not guilty of all charges on Thursday.


The Southland Times