Teen jailed after stealing lollipop

A teenager who robbed a dairy of a 40c lollipop while armed with a claw hammer was yesterday sent to jail.

Jade Troy Duncan, 17, appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips yesterday in Invercargill District Court. He was sentenced to two years' jail.

Judge Phillips said Duncan had gone into the Thrifty Foods Dairy in Stapleton St wearing a disguise and carrying a shoulder bag and a claw hammer.

Police said he waited outside the shop until it was empty of customers, went in and yelled at the shop owner to hurry up as he lifted the flap on the bag he was carrying.

Judge Phillips said Duncan told the assistant he wanted money and smokes before raising the hammer above his head and smashing it down on the counter top.

The shop owner then reached under the counter and pulled out a toy pistol and pointed it at Duncan, he said.

Duncan got a fright and left the shop but stole a 40c lollipop on his way out.

When interviewed by police, Duncan said he had robbed the dairy because he was homeless, hungry and was under pressure to repay a $60 debt.

Judge Phillips said the shop owner was scared and felt threatened.

The Southland Times