Naked man haunted female showers

18:35, Nov 22 2012

A Queenstown man who drunkenly confronted female backpackers while naked was remanded for sentence when he appeared in Queenstown District Court this week.

Joshua Jodie Sneddon, 23, a South African national, appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips on three charges of intentionally and obscenely exposing his genitals in a public place on September 2, 4 and 9.

Prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford said Sneddon, who had been drinking, was naked in a female shower block on one occasion but said he had mistaken the facilities for the men's block.

On another occasion a female backpacker encountered him naked, with an erection, in the shower block.

On September 4, he entered a shower cubicle while a woman was in the next cubicle and exposed his erect penis to her underneath the shower block divider. On September 9 he was again naked in the shower block and, when challenged, escaped through a window and fell one storey to the ground, where he was restrained by guests.

Sneddon was remanded for sentence on December 17.

Judge Phillips asked for emotional harm and reparation reports and a drug and alcohol assessment.


The Southland Times