Teen lashed out at Australian tourists

01:38, Nov 21 2012

A teenager who kicked an Australian student in the head and assaulted two others on holiday in Queenstown was remanded for sentence yesterday.

Taane John Pollard-Gray, 19, appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips in Queenstown District Court charged with assault with intent to injure and assault on July 14.

Police said Pollard-Gray had been drinking when he and others encountered a group of 10 Australian students on holiday in Queenstown at 9.55pm.

He approached the first victim, who was already on the ground after being assaulted by a third party.

He kicked the victim several times to the head.

The second victim was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. The third victim was punched once to the side of the face and suffered a sore face and dizziness.

Pollard-Gray will be sentenced on December 17.


The Southland Times