Hungry man pays dearly for pie theft

23:46, Nov 28 2012

Stealing a pie worth $3.10 from an Invercargill store has landed a Dunedin man a $150 fine.

Samuel Terrance Cook, 21, appeared before Judge John MacDonald in the Invercargill District Court yesterday charged with stealing the pie from the Esk St Night'n Day store on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Penny Stratford said Cook walked up to the pie warmer in the store and told the shop assistant to call police because he was going to steal a pie.

Cook took the pie, verbally abused the shop assistant and left without paying.

Police were called and they examined closed-circuit television footage.

However, Cook later presented himself at the police station and admitted the crime. He said he took the pie because he was hungry and did not have any money to pay for it.

Judge John MacDonald said the offending was at a low level but a fine was appropriate.

Cook was fined $150 - approximately 48 times the value of the pie.


The Southland Times