Judge says manager let drivers down

01:17, Nov 30 2012

The former manager of Kapuka Transport was today fined $20,000 and told by a judge he had let the entire industry down.

John Edward Lloyd, of Kapuka, appeared before Judge Kevin Phillips in Invercargill District Court this morning and admitted seven charges: three of instructing a driver to work causing him to exceed the maximum work time prescribed in the Land Transport Act 1998, three of instructing a driver to work causing him to fail to maintain his logbook in the prescribed manner and one of obstructing an enforcement officer in the execution of that officer's functions or powers under the Land Transport Act.

All offending occurred between July 30 and September 6. Lloyd was fined $3000 on each charge and $2000 on the obstruction charge.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Glen McMurdo said Lloyd had admitted making alterations and said it was a spur of the moment decision made in haste.

Lloyd said he was aware the hours were getting up there but did not realise the totality. He was cooperative with police, Mr McMurdo said.

Lloyd's lawyer Richard Smith said he knew what was going on and had since resigned from his position.


Judge Phillips said Lloyd had orchestrated the offending.

The industry was one where people in management roles understood their duties and responsibilities in relation to safety, he said.

"I have to say you have entirely let the industry down here in your actions in respect of this ... you have let your drivers down."

Lloyd had entirely destroyed 35 years of reputation in the industry, Judge Phillips said.

Judge Phillips wanted to make it clear to the industry people who got involved in this type of offending would not receive any form of acceptance.

Four drivers from the same company were also charged with various driving and logbook offences and dealt with in Invercargill District Court earlier this month.

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