Man confessed to stabbing

00:57, Dec 12 2012

A Balclutha man confessed to police that he had stabbed his wife, the Otago-Southland coroner says.

Mr Crerar, who released his findings into the death of Lusi Aleni-Faamoe Ioane,  said she died at her home on October 3 last year from torrential external and internal blood loss from multiple stab and cutting wounds to the neck.

In his report, Mr Crerar says Timothy To'o Aleni-Faamoe, a freezing worker, confessed to police in his telephone conversation that he had stabbed his wife.

The pair had married in 1995 and have six children.

The relationship between the couple was reported to have been deteriorating because of unfounded suspicions by Mr Aleni of infidelity between his wife and another man or men.

He was later found by police outside his Balclutha house with blood on his hands, face, shoes and clothing and Mrs Aleni was found lying on the floor of the bathroom, with a large stab wound to her neck.


The coroner's report says Mr Aleni had consulted a doctor in relation to mental health issues.

''He was said to be having hallucinations and was hearing voices. Medication was prescribed but Timothy Aleni was not always compliant with his prescriptions.''

Mr Aleni was charged with murder and the case was brought before the High Court in Dunedin on May 28. 

Justice Gendall found that, at the time of the offence, Mr Aleni was insane and would not be able to stand trial.

He was neither convicted nor acquitted.

The Southland Times