165kmh pursuit put others at risk - judge

18:38, Dec 18 2012

A Mosgiel man who led Central Otago police on a high-speed pursuit, reaching speeds of more than 165kmh, was sentenced in the Alexandra District Court last week.

Devon Alexander Jones, 21, was fined $1200 and disqualified from driving for 11 months for driving at speeds dangerous to the public and failing to stop for police on October 30.

Police prosecutor Ian Collin said they began pursuing Jones after he failed to stop for them following concerns about his speed.

Jones led police on a 20-kilometre pursuit that had to abandoned after police reached 165kmh and could not keep up with him.

Lawyer Tim Cadogan said Jones "took off like an idiot". After the incident he had lost his job as an insurance sales person and was now picking cherries in Central Otago.

He accepted he was travelling too fast, Mr Cadogan said.


Judge Stephen O'Driscoll said the reason there were speed limits was to not put other people at risk.

"You did that," the judge said.

Assault with a weapon
Marcus Gillan, 21, auto glazier, of Cromwell, sentenced to 100 hours' community work and ordered to pay a $500 emotional-harm payment for assault with a weapon in Cromwell on November 17. Gillan used a glass to hit another person in the face, causing a 5cm cut. The victim required 10 stitches.

Akuhata Conrad Waihape, 25, shearer, of Cromwell, was remanded until January 16 for sentencing for assault on October 6 and disorderly behaviour on October 13.

Brian James Ellison, 33, of Cromwell, remanded until January 16 for sentencing for trespassing and of assault in Cromwell on November 17.

Christopher Allan Legg, 33, manager, of Cromwell, fined $600 for assault on September 23. Legg grabbed the drunk victim by the throat, causing him to fall and suffer bruising around the throat area, after trying to calm him down.

Logan Nicholas Quinn, 18, farmhand, was remanded until January 16 for sentencing for entering a building with intent to commit a crime and stealing three cannabis plants in Wanaka on August 6. The judge ordered a pre-sentence report.

Threatening to kill
Jeremy Russell Lemin, 27, of Cromwell, sentenced to 150 hours' community work and 12 months' supervision for threatening to kill on September 25.

Theft of a motor vehicle
Christopher Francis Foster, 27, was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and ordered to pay $600 reparation for stealing a motor vehicle on October 26. Foster sold a $2000 vehicle that did not belong to him for $500.

Resisting arrest
Samual James Tohiroa Frew, 20, builder, of Cromwell, was sentenced to 50 hours' community work for intentionally damaging an iPhone and resisting arrest on November 18.

Paul Douglas Williams, 38, was fined $200 for trespassing at the Alexandra Night 'n Day store on December 1. Williams went to the store while intoxicated and refused to leave until he was served by staff to buy a packet of cigarettes.

False statement
Melissa Lauren Decke, 21, waitress, of Cromwell, was fined $400 for providing a false statement to police on November 18. Decke said her partner had assaulted her after a fight but told police the next day it was not true.

Mark Wikiriwhi Waititi, 40, was sentenced to four months' jail for breaching release conditions on July 13.

Zachary Kurt Manson, 22, meatworker, of Mossburn, was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for eight months for dangerous driving at the Roaring Meg on November 3. Manson sideswiped another car travelling in the opposite direction when texting while driving.

Herbert Myles Waldron, 21, lineman, fined $500 for careless driving on August 12. Waldron crashed his car into a power pole in wet weather after driving at 60kmh around a corner in a 50kmh area.

Timothy Zaine White, 27, bricklayer, of Cromwell, fined $500 and disqualified for six months for driving in a dangerous manner causing a sustained loss of traction on October 7. White did five "doughnuts" in his car, causing dark circle marks on the road. He said he had been stirred on by the Bathurst event.

Kate Mary Robertson, 22, caregiver, of Cromwell, was sentenced to 80 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for seven months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 723mcg in Cromwell on November 24.

Breeze Thelma Parsons, 26, vineyard worker, of Cromwell, sentenced to 140 hours' community work, 12 months' supervision and disqualified for nine months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 527mcg and driving outside the restrictions of a learner licence on November 14, and theft of $38.42 of groceries from Cromwell New World. Parsons was caught drink-driving after picking her son up from school.

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