Cannabis 'for pain relief'

A 33-year-old Invercargill woman who grew 47 cannabis plants in her garage was last week sentenced to 12 months' home detention.

Bridie Dawn Plank appeared before Judge Phil Moran in the Invercargill District Court for cultivating cannabis.

Judge Moran said police found a sophisticated cannabis growing operation in a room in the corner of Plank's garage.

The plants were about 40cm in height and 16g of cannabis head was also found, he said.

Plank admitted ownership and said she had grown it entirely for her own use for pain relief, Judge Moran said.

Katherine Joy Chapman was sentenced to nine months' home detention for selling cannabis, cultivating cannabis and possessing cannabis. The court was told police searched her home and in a padlocked garage found a sophisticated cannabis growing operation with 16 cannabis plants, a growing tent with three small cannabis seedlings in large pots growing under high density lamps. Some cannabis was also found in the freezer. Inside the house police found 13.5g of cannabis head along with a bong and spotting knives.

A woman charged with arson after setting fire to a garage was yesterday ordered into a secure care facility for 12 months. Judge Moran said he was satisfied the woman, who has final name suppression, was mentally impaired and imposed the order instead of sentence.

The Southland Times