Man pretended he was caregiver

A 20-year-old man who led an elderly couple to believe he was a caregiver indecently assaulted the 83-year-old woman.

David Shaun Parker was sentenced to two years and three months' jail when he appeared before Judge Michael Crosbie in Invercargill District Court this morning for indecent assault and two charges of burglary.

Judge Crosbie said on September 5 Parker walked into house approached a woman and attempted to hug her but she resisted and asked him to leave. The following morning she noticed her handbag was missing, he said.

On September 16, Parker bought two cans of butane and later walked into a unit in a retirement home and led the occupants to believe he was a caregiver, Judge Crosbie said.

He walked into the woman's bedroom and told her she was attractive and lay down on the bed beside her, the judge said.

He directed comments of a sexual and suggestive nature towards her before pulling her bedclothes back and lifting up her nightie and indecently assaulting her.

When the woman realised he was not a caregiver, she managed to get herself out of bed and screamed for help.

Parker took her handbag and two bottles of alcohol before fleeing, Judge Crosbie said.

When spoken to by police he claimed he was high and intoxicated from inhaling butane and drinking alcohol. He downplayed the indecent assault and said he kissed her on the cheek but only after she kissed him first, he said.

Judge Crosbie said the offending was depraved and highly offensive.

The Southland Times