Man acquitted of having burglary tools

19:00, Feb 04 2013

A 43-year-old man charged with possessing instruments for burglary has been found not guilty at his trial in the Invercargill District Court.

Brendan Guy Yanko walked free following the verdict last week, reached by a 12-person jury in less than an hour.

Crown prosecutor Mike Mika, in his opening statement yesterday, said police were patrolling the industrial area of Invercargill at 1.30am on February 5 when they came across Yanko's vehicle at the west end of Victoria Ave.

Yanko appeared from a walking track a short time later and told police he was going for a walk. Police left the scene and attempted to observe Yanko from a distance before pulling him over in Gala St and finding gloves, a hammer, screwdriver and box-cutting knife in his vehicle. They also found a black polar fleece, beanie, torch and binoculars, Mr Mika said.

Yanko told police the tools were in his vehicle in case it broke down, Mr Mika said.

Defence lawyer Sonia Vidal said Yanko did not have any tools with him when he had gone for the walk and he had no intention of committing a burglary.


The Southland Times