Man convicted after fiddling gambling machine

Last updated 07:30 04/02/2013

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An Arrowtown man was convicted for gambling machine fraud when he appeared in Queenstown District Court last week.

Cyril John Cracknell, 49, unemployed, appeared before Judge Michael Turner charged with stealing keys on July 1, dishonestly accessing a TAB gaming machine without claim of right to obtain a betting voucher and dishonestly and without claim of right obtaining betting vouchers on December 5.

He was convicted and remanded to the Christchurch District Court for sentence on March 24.

A summary of facts says Cracknell was in the New Orleans Hotel in Arrowtown and watched a manager using keys to access a betting machine when it was jammed and alter its mode.

He stole a set of TAB keys and on the day of the offending spent wages at self-service betting machines.

The court was told he waited until the front bar area was empty and used a stolen key to change a machine to maintenance mode. He printed the last ticket, producing a betting voucher for $209.60 marked with the word "reprint".

He turned the key again returning the machine to self-service then rescanned the reprinted voucher, which gave him a credit of $209.60. He placed a $6 bet, giving a credit of $203.60 then printed off a new usable voucher redeemable for credit or cash. Throughout the day he reactivated the voucher, printing a new valid voucher for $65.20, then cashed in $107.20, $209.60 and other amounts for a total of $785.20.

He told police he had a drug and gambling problem and felt he had let his seven children down.

Assaulted officer

David Keith Nicol, 31, blocklayer, of Fernhill, appeared for sentence for assaulting a police officer using a torch on October 22. He was sentenced to three months' home detention in Matamata, 75 hours' community work and ordered to pay $300 emotional harm with special conditions, including no consumption or possession of alcohol, and undertaking any recommended treatment, with six months' post-detention conditions.


Sean Paul Connolly, 29, carpenter, of Ireland, was fined $1000 and sentenced to 100 hours' community work for assault using a rope pole as a weapon, on December 27.

Danny Thomas King, 22, blocklayer, was sentenced to six months' supervision and fined $650 for possessing an offensive weapon namely a fork and assault on December 22.


Ryan Issac Mathieson, 29, sentenced to 90 hours' community work and ordered to repay the sum for causing a $118 loss to Pub and Wharf, between June 26 and December 11.

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Lukas Armour Southey, 22, butcher, Frankton, was ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within nine months and pay $150 emotional harm reparation for stealing a $1000 iPhone, December 18.


Trevor David Riddell, 36, of Wanaka, was sentenced to 50 hours' community work and ordered to pay $600 reparation for intentionally damaging a car on December 27.

Matthew David Phillips, 34, block layer, Kingston, ordered to come up for sentence if called upon in nine months for intentionally damaging a cellphone on December 16.


Otavio Moreira de Souza, 18, Brazilian national, was fined $300 for fighting on January 12.


Anthony Ronald McNish, 43, teacher, Westland, was fined $200 and disqualified from driving for six months for driving while suspended on January 3.

Taylem Anthony Matthews, was remanded to March 25 for sentence for driving while disqualified and careless driving.


Samuel Robert McDonald, 27, mechanic, was sentenced to 275 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for a year, for driving with a blood alcohol level of 169mg on December 15.

Antonette Antalan Barrimond, 28, Filipino national, 100mg on December 7. Fined $400 and disqualified for six months.

Hoi Yeung Chan, 28, Hong Kong national, 138mg on December 18. Sentenced to 200 hours' community work and disqualified for nine months.

Daniel Tarcali, 22, car groomer, Hungarian national, of Lake Hayes Estate, 121mg on December 14. Sentenced to 120 hours' community work and disqualified for six months.

Glenn Neville Rumler, 42, concrete worker, of Frankton, was sentenced to 200 hours' community work and disqualified for a year and month for driving with a breath alcohol level of 574mcg on December 19, his third drink-driving conviction.

Aaron James Craw, 19, 669mcg and dangerous driving on January 2. Sentenced to 100 hours' community work and disqualified for nine months.

Nicholas Mark Henderson, 27, gardener, 748mcg on January 6. Sentenced to 250 hours' community work and disqualified for 10 months.

Benjamin Knight Churchill, 20, of Albert Town, 568mcg on January 19. Fined $550 and disqualified for six months.

Chelsea McLoughlin, 17, waitress, of Fernhill, 742mcg on January 5. Fined $750 and disqualified for eight months.

Valentina Isabel Torres Rocha, 26, Chilean national, of Fernhill, 583mcg on January 27.

She was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and disqualified for six months.

Linda Jayne Soanes, 55, South African national, food industry worker, of Wanaka, 643mcg on January 20. Fined $650, disqualified for six months.

- The Southland Times

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