Dunedin woman admits abduction

19:07, Feb 05 2013

A Dunedin woman has today admitted abducting her two-year-old grandchild from a city market on Saturday.

Yvonne Skeet appeared in Dunedin District Court today before Judge Eddie Paul.

Skeet - who was subject to a court order not to have contact with her grandchild - took the girl when she was at Otago Farmers Market on Saturday.

Police found the pair the following day; the little girl was unharmed.

Skeet's lawyer Anne Stevens, sought bail until sentencing on March 26.

Stevens said Skeet had cared for her granddaughter, had spent a ''salutary period in custody'' and was unlikely to offend again.

However, Judge Paul said there was every chance Skeet could receive a custodial sentence - the charge carried a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment. He was not convinced Skeet could restrain her urges to have contact with her grandchild, and said the fact she had ignored a court order did not give him confidence she would comply with bail conditions.

The judge remanded Skeet in custody until sentencing, on March 26.


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