Dixon ejected from court

04:01, Feb 11 2013

Former bouncer Jonathan Dixon, who hit headlines during the 2011 Rugby World Cup after allegedly leaking footage of English caption Mike Tindell, was told to leave the public gallery of the Queenstown District Court today.

Dixon had given evidence in the trial of a man accused of stealing his headphones.

He told the court that on June 29, after going to the gym, he left a pair of jeans, blue tooth headset and a banana at a Wilson's Car Park in Mann St, Queenstown, near a parking pay machine.

When he realised his mistake the next day he returned to the car park to find the jeans crumbled beside the pay machine and his headphones and the banana missing.

After noticing a sign which said there were security cameras at the car park he contacted the security company to watch the CCTV footage.

On the footage he said he saw "people interacting with my jeans" including another Queenstown man he knew, Luke Anthony Wilson, picking up his jeans.


Wilson is defending a charge of theft for taking the headphones worth $359.

When a section of the CCTV video was produced as evidence by a car park manager David Wallace, Dixon, who was sitting in the public gallery after giving evidence, said "that's Luke" after it showed a person near the jeans.

The judge ordered Dixon out of the court but allowed him to return once Mr Wallace finished providing evidence.

He was warned by the judge not to "make editorial comments or you will be held in contempt".

The defended hearing is expected to finish this afternoon.

Dixon is still to face charges in relations to the Tindallgate affair.

The Southland Times