Finance dispute prompts assault

19:17, Feb 13 2013

A 29-year-old Korean woman who assaulted a Korean man when he refused to return more than $100,000 she had given to him to invest for her was discharged without conviction in the Queenstown District Court this week.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Rob Mills said while Yujin Jeong was visiting New Zealand with the victim, Hyun Kyun Kim, the pair become involved in several arguments about the money.

Jeong had given the money to Mr Kim on the basis he would invest it for her and on February 2, after discovering Mr Kim had not invested it and refused to return the funds, she slapped him in the face and kicked him.

Police were called on the request of Mr Kim and Jeong was arrested.

Lawyer Mike Newell said Jeong was remorseful for using violence and indicated on returning to Korea she would be contacting police about Mr Kim's failure to return the funds.

Judge Kevin Phillips said Jeong "lost her self-control completely" after trusting Mr Kim with the money. He discharged her without conviction because the assault was at the lower end of the scale.

It was believed Mr Kim was still in New Zealand but police had not been able to contact him.


The Southland Times