Bail concerns see man held in custody

A man charged with the burglary of a popular lakefront restaurant was remanded in custody when he appeared in the Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Leroy Clayton Garrick, 24, appeared before Judge Robert Murfitt charged with burglary of The Bathhouse on Marine Pde and receiving groceries and two beer kegs valued at $1000 knowing the items were stolen on May 27-28.

No pleas were entered.

Sergeant Ian Collin said there were concerns about an address given for bail and plans to convert a living room into a bedroom. There was no indication the defendant was at risk of further offending but he had previously breached bail, he said.

Lawyer Sonia Vidal said occupants of one property had consented to bail checks.

Judge Murfitt said the latest offences were allegedly committed while the defendant was on bail and police were not satisfied with the suggested bail address.

"It's a close run thing in my view. On this occasion I am not satisfied that the proposed address is a suitable one at this stage," the judge said.

Garrick was remanded in custody without plea until June 17 in the Queenstown District Court.

Meanwhile, Rodney Michael Bowler, 53, engineer, of Albert Town, appeared for a defended hearing charged with assaulting a tenant, Matthew Clark, on January 7.

Bowler, representing himself, cross-examined a neighbour and Mr Clark, who told the court he was punched in the face by his landlord.

The judge found a self-defence argument was not proved, fined Bowler $400 and ordered reparation of $200 to Mr Clark.

The Southland Times