Prisoner hid contraband down trousers

KILLER: Liam Reid is serving one of NZ's heaviest sentences for rape and murder.
KILLER: Liam Reid is serving one of NZ's heaviest sentences for rape and murder.

Convicted murderer and rapist Liam Reid was found with cigarettes down his trousers, an iPhone in his shoes and something secreted in his "nether regions" minutes after a meeting his lawyer, a court has been told.

Corrections officer Noel Purcell today told the Auckland District Court of finding the contraband on Reid just after a visit from Davina Murray, his lawyer and a former Maori Party political candidate.

Murray is charged with smuggling contraband to the prisoner.

Purcell said he and another guard performed a "wand search" of Reid, examining him with a metal detecting wand after Murray's visit to the Mt Eden Corrections Facility on October 7, 2011.

The wand found something metal, which Reid said was his lighter.

He produced a packet of cigarettes, with a lighter inside it, from his trousers, Purcell said.

Reid was asked to remove his shoes, and the officers found an iPhone in one of his sneakers.

He said he had brought it with him from his cell and a guard had given it to him, Purcell said.

The guards made Reid remove his clothes and squat so they could see if he had anything concealed in his "nether regions".

Purcell said they saw a substance "up there", but Reid yelled: "If you touch me I'll have you up for sexual harassment."

Judge Russell Collins was told yesterday that Murray signed an agreement for a free iPhone days before the visit.

In cross-examination of Vodafone analyst Robert Kainuku, Murray made much of why someone would sign on to an expensive plan and give their name when they could easily buy a cheap prepaid phone anonymously.

Prosecutor Anna Longdill elicited evidence that the business plan was attached to the phone's SIM card, which could be removed, leaving the owner with a spare phone handset.

The Crown's case is that Murray and Reid are lovers and she smuggled the contraband to him, acting outside the usual lawyer-client relationship.

A text message read to the court on Wednesday said: "I hate that I'm in love with him but I'm scared to lose him."

Another said: "He makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He makes me feel beautiful. I love him like I have never loved anyone before. If he doesn't get out do I just shrug my shoulders and say, 'oh well'."

She later texted, "He's the best kisser I've ever kissed", and he was "seriously the best - it's like he just gets me".

The last text was: "No we haven't but come very close. Damn prison guards."

Reid, 41, is serving a 23-year minimum non-parole life sentence for the 2007 rape and murder of deaf Christchurch woman Emma Agnew and the rape and attempted murder of a Dunedin student a few days later.

The defended hearing continues.

REID'S LAWYER: Davina Murray,
REID'S LAWYER: Davina Murray,

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