US-NZ operation nets city computer user

A joint operation between the United States and New Zealand tracked downloaded objectionable images of children to a computer in Invercargill.

A 21-year-old meatworker appeared before Judge Alistair Garland in the Invercargill District Court yesterday and convicted for possessing 13 computer images between November 7, 2011, and March 21 last year having reason to believe the images were objectionable and possessing three computer files on November 15, 2011, knowing or having reason to believe they were objectionable under the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993.

The man was given interim name suppression and remanded to August 16 for sentence.

The court was told a complaint originated in the US from a website concerned wtih missing and exploited children, which worked with the Department of Internal Affairs in New Zealand.

An internet service provider gave details of an address in the south and a search warrant was executed on March 21, when laptops and hard-drives were seized.

Unlawful possession

Adam Tulua Lepetia, 19, was sentenced to seven months' home detention and 200 hours' community work for unlawfully possessing a .22-calibre rifle on May 21, and receiving a .22 rifle on March 31. An order was made to recover the rifle.


Dylan Mark Hair, 18, dairy worker, of Tuturau, was sentenced to three months' community detention, 200 hours' community work, nine months' supervision, ordered to undertake an alcohol and drug programme and pay $584 reparation for assaulting a police officer, wilful damage, driving with a breath alcohol level of 760mcg and assault using a rock as a weapon on May 5. For careless driving, also on May 5, he was disqualified from driving for nine months. An order was made to confiscate the vehicle.

Geoffrey Charles Neilson, 23, was sentenced to 75 hours' community work, nine months' supervision and ordered to complete a domestic violence programme for assault using a vehicle as a weapon on June 6. A protection order was also made.

False statements

Amy Louise McMillian, 25, was sentenced to four months' home detention for making false statements to police on March 8, April 24 and December 17, and disqualified for nine months driving while forbidden on June 4, April 24, March 8 and December 17.

Reckless injuring

Neil Craig Rodgers, 46, machine operator, was remanded to August 23 to undertake restorative justice for recklessly injuring a female on June 15.


James Alan Kennedy, 64, was fined $100 for shoplifting $16.25 of items from Countdown Waikiwi on July 2.


Lionel Robert Wayne Horn was remanded to August 27 for sentence for possessing cannabis for supply and possessing a needle.

Resisting police

Drew Shaun Leishman, 19, labourer, was sentenced to 50 hours' community work for intentionally obstructing and resisting a police officer on June 28.


Jaime Duncan Leigh-Robertson, 21, was convicted and discharged for three breaches of community work and fined $400 and disqualified for six months for driving while suspended.

Kruz Thorne William Bryan, 20, fisherman, of Bluff, was sentenced to seven months' jail for breaching community work on May 11 and 25 and breaching release conditions on May 23.

Albert Charles Webster, 24, was sentenced to 40 hours' community work for breaching community work on May 9.

Wilful trespass

Brandon Antony McGregor, 19, was sentenced to two months' jail for wilfully trespassing at an ILT establishment on July 13 and Countdown on July 14.

Disorderly behaviour

Casey Adam Thomas, 23, student, was fined $150 for disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence on July 4.


Henry Tai Jack, 49, was remanded on bail to September 5 for sentence for causing death by driving carelessly while under the influence of drink or a drug and three charges of causing injury by driving carelessly while under the influence of drink or a drug at Mossburn on December 13.


Toni Manuel Evans, 39, fisherman, of Clifden, was sentenced to 75 hours' community work and disqualified for six months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 683mcg on June 28.

Corey Ivan Harvey, 22, of Riverton, 819mcg at Riverton on July 13. Sentenced to 200 hours' community work, nine months' supervision and disqualified indefinitely.

Chantelle Lee Morrell, 20, 695mcg on July 16. Fined $600 and disqualified for six months.

Chontelle Te Arani Trent, 22, 623mcg on July 12. Fined $650 and disqualfied for seven months.

Adam Alexander Stockwell, 25, bartender, of Gore, was fined $1000 and disqualified for eight months for driving with a blood alcohol level of 218mg on June 22.

The Southland Times