Teen embarrassed by offending

21:15, Oct 22 2013

A teenager who hassled strangers in central Queenstown was sentenced to 50 hours' community work yesterday.

Cameron John Allan Black, 18, appeared before Judge John Macdonald in the Queenstown District Court charged with disorderly behaviour that was likely in the circumstances to cause violence against persons to start and resisting police on September 15.

Sergeant Ian Collin said Black was intoxicated and alone in The Mall at 1.20am when he walked past a group of men and women and challenged one of the men to a fight.

A woman tried to calm him but he continued, telling one of the men that he was going to finish him off.

When police arrived, he struggled, refused to walk to a patrol car and eventually sat down before being carried to the car.

Lawyer Sonia Vidal said her client was intoxicated, embarrassed and offered an apology.


The Southland Times