Illegal car trader fined $4500

A man who illegally traded 15 cars without being registered was fined $4500 in the Invercargill District Court today.

Brendon Sidney Sutherland, 31, appeared before Judge Raoul Neave, for trading of 15 cars between September 21, 2012 and September 20 (2013) without being registered under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003.

The court was told Sutherland had traded 15 cars, which had mainly been for family and his own vehicles and had gained little from the transactions. A person is allowed to trade six cars, without being registered.

Judge Neave said the legislation was to protect consumers and to ensure they got accurate information in deals and were not mislead.

While it was the first illegal trading of vehicles case, Judge Neave had experienced, he said it (illegal trading) was a growing concern for legislators.

The Southland Times