Chef's driving clearly careless, judge says

00:41, Dec 09 2013

After losing control of a vehicle, a 43-year-old chef struck two men with his car, breaking their legs.

Yurou Zhang, 43, chef, of Te Anau, appeared before Judge Michael Turner in the Invercargill District Court on December 6 for sentence after admitting two charges of driving carelessly causing injury on the Milford-Te Anau highway on August 28.

He was ordered to pay $3350 reparation and emotional harm reparation to two victims and disqualified from driving for eight months.

Judge Turner said there had been a sudden snowfall, making driving conditions "extremely dangerous". A tourist from Spain had stopped his campervan on the side of the road and another man was helping him fit snow chains, he said.

Zhang drove out of the Homer Tunnel about 54kmh in a 30kmh zone and, as he travelled down the hill, he braked, causing his vehicle to slide and spin out of control, Judge Turner said.

The vehicle crossed the centre line backwards and struck both men. They both suffered broken legs


"Your driving was clearly careless in all of those circumstances. You were driving a rented car, with which you were not overly familiar, at a speed in excess of the speed limit in conditions which required you to exercise extreme caution."

Zhang's lawyer, Rachael Adams, said the incident had been "quite a shock" to Zhang and his family, who were in the car at the time. Zhang had offered to pay reparation to the victims, she said.


Timothy Allan Brown, 29, of Nightcaps, was sentenced to three months' home detention, disqualified for nine months and authorised to apply for a three-year zero- alcohol licence for assaulting a person and driving while disqualified at Ohai on October 23 and driving while disqualified and with a blood alcohol level of 198mg at Ohai on July 27.


Jesse Te Hau Kahuroa, 18, was sentenced to 40 hours' community work for resisting and obstructing police.


Jessica Ashley Tokana, 17, was remanded on bail to February 4 for sentence for stealing tobacco on November 20.

Shaun William Quantock, 19, of Makikihi, was sentenced to 40 hours' community work and ordered to pay $61.50 reparation for, jointly with another, stealing two chainsaws and jewellery valued at $3000 at Ranfurly on September 21.


Tony Charles Robertson, 27, of Lumsden, was ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within 12 months for breaching release conditions on October 23.

Taki John Gillies was convicted and discharged for breaching community work on November 7.

Shane Robert Murch, 23, farm worker, of Mataura Island, was sentenced to six months' supervision for breaching supervision on November 11.

Jacob Daniel Carlyle, 18, was ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within 12 months for breaching intensive supervision on November 17.


Jade Reginald Tauwhare, 22, was remanded on bail to January 21 for sentence for driving dangerously and intentionally damaging a rugby field on October 26, and driving with a blood alcohol level of 93mg on November 2.


Dallas Ryan Palmer, 24, of Winton, was fined $700 and disqualified from driving for six months for driving with a breath alcohol level of 556mcg on November 30.

Roderick Wakefield, 59, 623mcg on December 1. Sentenced to 200 hours' community work and disqualified from driving for one year and one month.

Rueben Evan Shepard, 26, farm hand, 472mcg on October 24. Sentenced to 80 hours' community work and disqualified for six months.

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