Doctor gives evidence in kidnap case

22:52, Dec 09 2013

The crown has this morning closed its case in the Invercargill jury trial of Rachel Maree Faul.

Faul, 22, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of offering to supply the class B drug ecstasy and kidnapping between November 25 and 26, 2011.

She is the remaining defendant in a 2011 kidnapping case that allegedly took place near Queenstown.

Several people were charged with various offences relating to the violent assault and kidnapping of Jason Maynard after a drug deal went wrong.

Crown witness Dr Susan Weggery, formerly Dr Coutts, said she was working in the emergency department of Lakes District Hospital when Mr Maynard arrived at the hospital on November 26, 2011.

He was mildly intoxicated and could not fully recall the events of the night, Dr Weggery said.


His injuries included facial swelling and contusions on his lip and gum, she said.

Mr Maynard was admitted overnight and was diagnosed with mild concussion and facial contusions.

The doctor said it was common for people not to recall all events after concussion so she was not sure if Mr Maynard was unwilling to tell her or couldn't remember.

Detective Grant Miller, of Queenstown, was the first witness to give evidence this morning.

He said when he interviewed Faul on November 27 2011 at the police station she declined to comment on the allegations before the court this week.

Faul's lawyer, Jonathan Eaton, is expected to begin the defence case at about noon.

The Southland Times