Man jailed for sexual abuse of daughter, granddaughter

A 70-year-old Southland man convicted of raping his daughter has been sentenced to seven years and two months in jail.

The man, who has final name suppression, appeared in the Invercargill District Court yesterday before Judge Kevin Phillips for sentence on a representative charge of rape and four of indecent assault.

The man was found guilty by a jury last month.

The victims were his daughter and granddaughter.

Judge Phillips labelled the man a "predator" and said he had ruined the lives of people who should have been able to trust him.

The offending was historic, dating back to the mid-1970s, when his daughter was aged between 6 and 11.

The man had also indecently assaulted his granddaughter.

The daughter's victim impact statement was "distressing" reading, Judge Phillips said.

She had lived in constant fear of her father and as a result of his offending, had for years been distrustful and fearful of others, he said.

The granddaughter said in her victim impact statement she felt trapped and just wanted to be a normal young girl.

"Your desire for self-gratification has demolished the lives of these people," Judge Phillips said.

The man, who had previous sex convictions, continued to deny the offending, he said.

"You have no remorse, no shame, no acceptance, or responsibility."

The only mitigating factor was the man's age, he said.

"You are a predator who causes harm to vulnerable children in your home and care."

The Southland Times