Charges in medal case dismissed

19:35, Jan 27 2014

All charges against a 55-year-old Invercargill man accused of stealing military medals have been dismissed.

Owen James Gough appeared before Judge David Saunders today in the Invercargill District Court for his scheduled week-long defended hearing but police were not ready to proceed.

This afternoon Judge Saunders dismissed the case for want of prosecution without prejudice, which means police can re-lay the charges if they meet the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Gerken this morning applied for an adjournment because the prosecution required more time to prepare for the hearing.

The case was complex and unique and prosecutions had been met with several unusual circumstances including additional evidence and amendments, he said.

However, Mr Gerken believed there was firm evidence available to continue with the prosecution.

Gough's lawyer David Slater opposed the adjournment because the case had been before the court for a long period of time and the defence had spent considerable time preparing the case.


The Southland Times